Suzuki Motorcycle Logo

Suzuki Motor Corporation (also known as Suzuki Kabushiki-gaisha?) is a multinational company with its headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan. It is known for producing wheelchairs, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), outboard marine engines, motorcycles, and small internal combustion engines. Suzuki employs over 45,000 people, ranks as the 12th largest automaker in the world by production volume, and has 133 distributors spread across 192 nations in addition to 35 main production facilities.

Suzuki is pronounced “soo-zoo-kee” (/suzuki/) in Japanese, with the emphasis on a high “kee”. It is typically pronounced “suh-ZOO-kee” in English, emphasizing the “zoo” sound. In marketing initiatives aimed at this group of people, both the English-speaking public and the Suzuki company use this pronunciation.

Michio Suzuki established the Suzuki Loom Company in 1909 in the sleepy Japanese seaside town of Hamamatsu. As Suzuki constructed weaving looms for Japan’s massive silk industry, business soared. Michio Suzuki created a brand-new style of weaving machine in 1929, and it was exported abroad. Up to 120 patents and utility model rights were filed by Suzuki. The first 30 years of the company were devoted to the design and manufacture of these extraordinarily complex machines.