Engine and transmission

Displacement963.0 ccm (58.76 cubic inches)
Engine typeV2, four-stroke
Bore x stroke91.0 x 74.0 mm (3.6 x 2.9 inches)
Fuel controlSingle Overhead Cams (SOHC)
Cooling systemLiquid

Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels

Front suspensionDual A-Arm
Rear suspensionTrailing Arm
Front tire27/9-14
Rear tire27/11-14
Front brakesDouble disc
Rear brakesDouble disc


Physical measures and capacities

Weight incl. oil, gas, etc490.0 kg (1,080.3 pounds)
Seat height585 mm (23.0 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.
Overall height1420 mm (55.9 inches)
Overall length2395 mm (94.3 inches)
Overall width1264 mm (49.8 inches)
Ground clearance300 mm (11.8 inches)
Wheelbase1480 mm (58.3 inches)
Fuel capacity30.00 litres (7.93 US gallons)
Other specs
Color optionsLava orange, Athens blue, Ghost grey, Truetimber camo


Brake fluid:
*Always verify maintenance and service data with the bike owner’s manual.

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Private Price Guide
Price as new



It is apparent that CFMOTO did not simply update its flagship unit for the sake of doing so. The new generation of CFORCE machines, the CFORCE XC 800 and its bigger sibling, the CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 EPS, pleasantly pleased us. The 2020 CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 EPS, built on the same platform as the XC 800, is the ATV’s third generation in a decade, and CFMOTO isn’t messing around.

The CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 EPS was provided to us by Réal Dorval of Motomaniac in Montmagny, Quebec. We’d like to thank him for not only providing the machine, but also for outfitting it with WindZone components from the CFMOTO accessories catalog, such as a cargo box, windscreen, heated thumb throttle and grips, and fender extenders. “We need to promote the machine’s riding experience,” he stated. Excellent suggestion, Réal. We couldn’t be more in agreement.

The CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 EPS is not a half-measure. Absolutely not. The CFORCE is at the absolute top of the two-seat ATV category based only on dimensions (2,395 mm long, 1,264 mm wide, and 1,420 mm high). However, it is much more than just measurements. The CFORCE now has a more modern appearance than the previous generation. The new design is eye-catching, but also retains a distinct visual identity for CFMOTO.


It is aesthetically intimidating, sitting on 14-inch aluminum rims set at the four corners. Its huge front grille is framed by projector-style headlights that are highlighted by a continuous strip of white LEDs. Under the grille is a superb tubular bumper that can withstand minor hits. The car has an elevated passenger seat. Along with Polaris, Arctic Cat, and BRP, CFMOTO is the fourth company to produce a two-seater ATV.

The LX version we examined is very well equipped, and according to the manufacturer, it adds $3000 in value. Our test vehicle came with a 3000lb. winch, adjustable gas suspension, integrated flasher indicators, a horn, a trailer hitch in the back with a wire harness to link a trailer, and 12V and USB charging outlets.

CFMOTO goes to great lengths to provide a car that looks as beautiful as the competitors. The plastics have a very solid gray metallic coating that has shown to be highly robust, particularly in terms of scratch resistance. CFMOTO has done an excellent job of incorporating the vehicle’s LED lights and headlights into the plastic design. CFMOTO has always equipped its vehicles with turn signals and horns since its inception in Canada. With the increased use of ATVs on public highways, I believe this device should be standard on all ATVs sold in Canada. It simply makes riding safer, which is something we can all agree on.


On the storage front, the CFORCE has a cargo rack in the front that houses the access hatch to the normal engine repair equipment (battery, radiator cap, cooling fluid tank). At the back, behind the passenger seat, there is a large cargo rack with a waterproof box accessible from the back. There’s even space for the hitch ball and wire harness needed to connect a trailer. For a two-seat ATV, that’s a lot of cargo room.

Furthermore, the engine is hidden beneath plastic panels. We didn’t notice any heat emanating from the engine. Splash protection is also provided by the big fenders and good-sized footrests. The lines are both utilitarian and visually appealing. That’s a nice touch!

The riding position is high, and the gas tank form allows the rider to grasp with his or her knees, similar to a sport motorcycle. Unfortunately, the location of the gear selector pulls your knee out, which can irritate larger riders who can accidentally bump the shifter. It can get painful after a while. Keeping that in mind, there is enough room for the tall rider. Otherwise, the distance ratios between the seat, footrests, and handlebars are all fairly acceptable. The seat padding’s thickness gives the optimum amount of comfort for all-day riding without tiredness.

To prevent the passenger from sliding forward, the seat and backrest are constructed with side cushions and some additional cushioning between the legs. The seat fabric is particularly thick, and when paired with the presence of raised footrests and handles with a good grip, the passenger will enjoy the journey.


The monochrome liquid crystal instrumentation cluster is mounted on the front body panel, independent of the handlebars, and is illuminated. While driving, the indication is easily visible, and the information presented is copious and comprehensible.

A note about the usefulness of nighttime headlights. The beams’ power is excellent, however the horizontal position of the light beam is very well defined. That is, the high beams are brilliant and cover a long distance, but they also keep a dark area close to the car. The low beam, on the other hand, is wide and extremely close up front. We end up fiddling with the Hi/Lo switch to put the light beam where it is needed based on the bumps and slopes ahead of us, but an easier fix would be to install an extra LED bar.

The current version of CFORCE features two 90-degree V-twin engines, one 800cc producing 65hp and 53lb/ft of torque and another 963cc producing 74hp and 58lb/ft. Both engines have four valves per cylinder, are liquid-cooled, and are operated by an electronic fuel injection system manufactured by Delphi in the United States. Power is supplied to the wheels using an automatic CVT-type gearbox from CV-Tech IBC, a name that, in our experience, ensures quality and performance.

Because of the transmission, which works in tandem with the engine, both engines produce more than acceptable acceleration performance and completely available power throughout the range. These vehicles’ transmissions are tuned to run at a high speed. The 800 engine will blast off quickly from a standstill, but it will feel more comfortable at speeds of 50 km/h and higher. The 1000cc erupted with power from the start and will propel you to speeds of more than 100 km/h. For those who care, we achieved a top speed of 118 km/h with the 800 and 129 km/h with the 1000. In short, power is not an issue with CFMOTO V-twin engines.


The CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 has independent suspension on all four wheels thanks to double wishbones and coil-over gas shock absorbers. No pun intended, these shocks have a significant impact. When we first started hammering the trail, we discovered that the ATV skipped and hopped around, forcing us to pull over for adjustments. The vehicle’s behavior settled down and felt much better after a few turns of the shock absorber adjustment knobs. The suspension absorbed bumps and maintained the wheels solidly on the ground, demonstrating the importance of setup for every rider. Once configured, the beautifully controlled handling provided us confidence in the vehicle’s reflexes on the trail. We were shocked to ride this car so swiftly, given the superb performance of the 14-inch CST Abuzz tires that fit the vehicle and the well-calibrated power steering. In fact, the performance of this ATV places it towards the top in its class. Yes, we did say it!

Aside from that, CFMOTO has finally improved the braking performance of its older models. The CFMOTO 1000’s brakes are powerful and will efficiently stop the vehicle. Furthermore, the vehicle’s front end will not drop excessively during emergency braking. Unfortunately, during complex maneuvers at low speeds, the ATV always has an excessively huge turning radius, which severely limits its agility in small spaces. My teammates in the Can-AM Defender that was with me performed far better than I did. This is the vehicle’s main issue and something to keep in mind.

The ATV includes a 4×4 system that can be disengaged electrically on the fly via a switch on the handlebar. To achieve maximum traction, the same button can be used to electrically lock the front differential as well as fully lock all four wheels. When confronted with a deep mud hole, the traction system performed admirably, because even though the ATV sank in the muck, it escaped on its own. The system performs admirably on snowy and slick conditions, thanks in large part to the CST Abuzz tires, which remain flexible in the cold.

A word about the Windzone accessories that came with the ATV. To begin with, the rear trunk has a considerable capacity and fits neatly on the rack. The plastic is sturdy, and a rubber bead protects the trunk from dust and water. The windscreen is custom-made to fit the CFORCE and is available in the same color as the car. The glass is clear and robust enough to sustain the mirrors without creating unpleasant vibrations. This was a tremendous benefit when biking in the cold.

Reliability and cost-effectiveness

The true question is this: Is this a decent buy or a financial disaster? In terms of dependability, we know that CFMOTO’s CFORCE is in its third generation. The Moose 500 was the first to fail, followed by the Terralander 800, which debuted in 2012 and fared considerably better, and the CFORCE 850 XC, which debuted last year. This manufacturer is serious about developing its products, as evidenced by the vehicle’s construction. The quality of the components is there, and in some cases exceeds that of renowned manufacturers, such as the size of the battery, the Sumitomo sealed electrical connectors, and the overall quality of the cabling. Add in the suspension and effective noise and vibration control in the vehicle’s operation, and you’ve got a fantastic machine.


With the original Terralander / CFORCE 800, there were very few horror stories on the internet regarding quality and other issues in the first few kilometers. As a result, it is reasonable to expect that assembly quality control will be even stricter with the new generation, most likely at the industry average.

In terms of cost, the retail price proposed by CFMOTO is around $4,000 cheaper than a comparable car with gas suspension (apart from CFMOTO, only Can-Am offers gas suspensions on two-seat ATVs). However, the vehicle’s depreciation will be substantially higher than with a known brand in the event of an exchange or resale. What does this mean in actual terms? When we compare the MSRP of four types of two-seat ATVs available in 2014 to their current value on the web (classified advertising), we get the following:



With the Dyno-Boost power chip, you can unleash the maximum power output of your fuel-injected CFMoto CForce 1000 and say goodbye to the sluggish stock fuel curve settings. This power chip tunes your power source with advanced fuel programming to maximize the power of your CFMoto CForce 1000. With this adjustable performance piggyback, you will not only experience faster acceleration, but you will also gain 15% more power output and torque across the rev range. This popular remap chip remaps the lean factory fuel trim restrictions imposed by multiple requirements that manufacturers must meet.

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DOMINATOR Exhaust System – polish exhaust system manufacturer Sport Slip-on Silencer DOMINATOR for CF MOTO CForce 1000 Kit contents: Slip-on silencer, link pipe, and mounting elements


The Dominator Exhaust will alter the nature of your quad and give it a distinct sound. The exhaust system will increase engine power and torque while decreasing muffler weight.

The Dominator Silencer ensures a low bass sound. If the exhaust is too loud, you can use dB Killers to reduce the decibels (also available in our online shop).


Product information:

Link pipe with a sporty straight through Muffler in Satin finish Mounting elements made of high-quality stainless steel for quick plug-and-play assembly
5 years Dominator Official Warranty on 100% European Product

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Cf moto C Force 1000 Exhaust Silencer ST Exhaust silencer muffler DOMINATOR

Designed for mud riding and equipped with aggressive mud tyres!

When switching to 30-32 inch tyre dimensions, the Vauhti Varikko Stage 2 Kit compensates for the loss of power and rough response. Improved low-end power and torque to get the mud tyres spinning. To get through thick mud holes, mud riders need a lot of low-end torque on their tyres.

FEATURES – Improved low and medium-range acceleration
– Easier starting – Increased torque
– Reduces belt slippage and variomatic overheating – Transfers engine power to the wheels more effectively and smoothly
– Improved vehicle handling at lower speeds
– Reduces the belt’s operating temperature and lengthens its service life – The kit includes detailed installation instructions

To send more torque to the wheels, combine this kit with the new Vauhti Varikko Stage 2 secondary spring. We can also offer the 35° helix to make the wheels turn more effectively for the extreme user.

We recommend that the installation be performed by a specialized workshop.

RECOMMENDATION: Replace the belt when making changes to the variomatic!
Gates G-Forces CVT belts are among the best in the world!
The GATES G-Force Redline 40R3691 is recommended for 800-1000 ccm models.

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Vauhti Varikko Stage 2 Clutch Kit – CF Moto CForce 1000 – JAY PARTS (jay-parts.com)

With the Smart-Tune-X ECU chip, you can boost the power potential of your CFMoto CForce 1000 and say goodbye to lean stock programming. Our CFMoto CForce 1000 performance tuner will boost performance potential by 17% across the entire rev range while also improving fuel economy. This power control chip module connects to the ECM via the engine sensors and calibrates the most precise performance tune. A massive amount of potential horsepower lurks in your engine, just waiting to be unleashed with our Smart-Tune-X fuel injection remap. With the power of Smart ECU tune, you can put an end to the restrictive factory settings.

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CFMoto CForce 1000 MAGNUM Smart-Tune-X ATV Fuel Tuner Performance Module (magnumtuning.com)

Do you need to purchase the Best ATV Lift Kit for your CF Moto CForce 800XC and/or 1000? We have it at PERFEX Industries! Our 2 inch suspension lift kit will quickly become one of your favorite ATV accessories! Increase the ground clearance on your CFMOTO CForce to change its appearance. There will be no more hang-ups or broken skid plates. Our 2″ kit will assist you in getting over those spots where your ATV previously snagged the underside.

Front and rear heavy-duty lift brackets made of 3/16″ thick Canadian steel are included in the kit. For a perfect fit, all of the components are laser-cut and CNC bent. Finish with a quality black powder coat finish, and you’ve got a product that was BUILT TO LAST.

This awesome 2″ lift kit bolts directly onto your machine and can be installed by anyone with a garage, a jack, and basic tools. The kit includes all of the necessary hardware and instructions for proper installation.

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2″ Lift Kit CFMoto CForce 800XC/1000 (2019-2022) – PERFEX Industries

Cfmoto Cforce 800/850/1000 XC Krossflow

In comparison to the Mud Edition, this is a quieter option with retained flow and heat dissipation. This system replaces the previous Baffletech system and is available for all models that currently have Mud Edition. The Krossflow muffler is fully repackable, and unlike other brands, it can be disassembled in minutes for service. All parts are interchangeable with Mud Edition parts.

The end tip and clamp, like the Mud Edition, are machined from a solid piece of aluminum, and the end tip is also powder-coated with hard heat resistant material. The end tip has more gravity to act as a heatsink for the muffler, which aids in keeping the temperature in the muffler body and core low.

When the end tip and clamp are removed, you have complete access to the inside of the muffler and the inner core, which can be easily removed for cleaning and repacking.

Mud Edition has a lower sound level.
Increase horsepower and torque.
The sound is deep, dark, and almost evil.
All Mud Edition parts are interchangeable (except old style Quiet Core)
Built and assembled in our northern Swedish workshop
Cans and tubes are made entirely of SS304 stainless steel.
Precision TIG-welded with high-quality filler rod, aluminum parts are 6061 CNC machined.
Mandrel-bent tube
RJWC Corewrap can be used to repack all Krossflow mufflers.
Quickly and easily repack and service your muffler!
There is a model-specific repacking kit available.
Guaranteed incredible deep and clean sound
Included is a spark arrestor.
No expense is spared in the production of the finest top-tier exhaust for ATVs on the market – we truly believe this is the best exhaust system money can buy.

Keep in mind that all of our exhausts and mufflers are bolt-on and designed to fit stock vehicles. We are not liable for any aftermarket modifications or additions made to any veicle.

Tuner for Fuel
We always recommend using a Fuel Tuner (EFI-tuner) in conjunction with any of our exhaust systems. This prevents the engine from running lean, which can damage it. Follow the Fuel Tuner manufacturer’s recommended settings to ensure proper air-fuel mixture.

A full EFI tune with reflashing or something similar is an option. Problems with the exhaust caused by a faulty engine are not covered under warranty.

If your machine differs from the base model, you may need to add another tune, turndown pipe, or other modifications to make everything fit and work properly.

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Cfmoto Cforce 800/850/1000 XC Krossflow – RJWC Powersports EU

Gas can kit for CF-Moto ATV

Fits exclusively on the models with plastic racking.  

  • 2 Quick releases for CF-Moto
  • 5L (1.25 gal) Scepter gas can
  • Ultra resistant 1/2” plastic bracket with nylon buckle straps 
  • No assembly and no drilling required

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CFMoto gas can bracket kit | ATV Accessories | Wes Industries



Engine responsiveness, feel of acceleration and power
engine 62%
Brake feel, ABS response and emergency brake response
brakes 61%
design and appearance compared to similar models
design 77%
price as new (or used) compared to similiar models
price 57%
driving experience for short and long trips
driving 64%
Seat comfort, driving position and rider ergonomics
comfort 60%


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*All motorcycle specifications (also called SPECS) on our pages are provided by the respective manufacturers.

**Motobase reccomends to install your tuning parts and modifications only at authorized workshops.