Engine and transmission

Displacement400.4 ccm (24.43 cubic inches)
Engine typeTwin, four-stroke
Engine detailsFull alloy nickel silicon carbide cylinder
Power40.9 HP (29.9 kW)) @ 9000 RPM
Torque34.4 Nm (3.5 kgf-m or 25.4 ft.lbs) @ 7650 RPM
Top speed155.0 km/h (96.3 mph)
Bore x stroke68.4 x 54.5 mm (2.7 x 2.1 inches)
Fuel systemInjection. EFI
Fuel controlDouble Overhead Cams/Twin Cam (DOHC)
Cooling systemLiquid
Transmission typeChain   (final drive)

Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels

Front suspensionKYB upright telescopic
Front wheel travel120 mm (4.7 inches)
Rear suspensionKYB air-gas mixed, with 7 adjustable sections.
Rear wheel travel45 mm (1.8 inches)
Front tire120/70-ZR17
Rear tire160/60-ZR17
Front brakesDouble disc
Rear brakesSingle disc


Physical measures and capacities

Weight incl. oil, gas, etc206.0 kg (454.2 pounds)
Seat height815 mm (32.1 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.
Overall height1100 mm (43.3 inches)
Overall length2114 mm (83.2 inches)
Overall width757 mm (29.8 inches)
Ground clearance150 mm (5.9 inches)
Wheelbase1415 mm (55.7 inches)
Fuel capacity17.00 litres (4.49 US gallons)

Other specs

Color optionsBlue/Black, White/Black
CommentsChinese bike.


Tyre pressure (front):
2,5 BAR
Tyre pressure (rear):
2,8 BAR


Brake fluid:
17,0 LITER
*Always verify maintenance and service data with the bike owner’s manual.

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  • Compact exhaust
  • Value for money
  • Brakes
  • Looks
  • Underpowered versus the competition


Private Price Guide
Price as new


Spencer Leech, Production Editor, shares his initial views on CFMoto’s new 400NK.

As a motorbike brand, CFMoto has a lot to prove. Before it can compete seriously with its international rivals, it needs persuade the world that’made in China’ does not always imply bad quality, and that its bikes can actually survive the test of time in real-world settings. That is not an easy task.

I spent the day riding the CFMoto 400NK, the brand’s mid-range LAMS-approved model. CFMoto has three additional road-going variants, the 150NK, 650NK, and 650TK, but the 400NK is the most recent to arrive in Australia.


So, what do we have here?

The CFMoto 400NK is propelled by a 400cc DOHC parallel-twin EFI engine and a six-speed transmission. All of this adds up to 31.5kW of power and 35.4Nm of torque.

A twin-disc arrangement at the front and a single disc at the rear manage braking. For an additional $500, an ABS option is available, which was installed on the vehicle we tested.

The front has a normal telescopic fork, while the rear has a cantilever monoshock with adjustable rebound.

The base model will set you back $5490 (riding away), while the ABS-equipped model will set you back $5990.

CFMOTO 400 NK First Review

Let’s start with the bad.

If you’ve ever dealt with a cheapie pitbike, you’ll understand why I was skeptical when I initially boarded the Chinese-made CFMoto. Having said that, the 400NK seemed quite impressive at first glance, and I was about to spend the day riding it, so I was expecting to be pleasantly impressed.

When you look closely, you can see how CFMoto manages to keep the price low. For example, the plastics don’t exactly line up properly, the welds are sloppy, and the controls have an overall clunkiness to them.

On the device I tested, the brake lever didn’t engage until it was practically touching the throttle, making it incredibly sensitive. It may be a simple fix, but keep in mind that we’re talking about a brand-new motorcycle here.

The 400cc engine isn’t bad by any means, but its power delivery is a touch peculiar. There is a notable delay in throttle response; nothing happens for a while, then it strikes with everything it has at roughly 5000rpm before running out of gas at around 10,000rpm.

CFMOTO 400 NK specs

There’s a lot to enjoy…

Despite the 400NK’s flaws, I couldn’t help but have a great time once I hit a twisty stretch of road. The steering is precise, the bike is agile, and if you can maintain it in power, it will happily pound along at a fair speed.

The seating position is fairly upright, and it supports my 6′ 1″ frame nicely. At motorway speeds, you get thrown around by the wind, which is to be anticipated on a small naked bike; this is something I can live with, but it may irritate certain riders.

The look of the bike is another major selling factor. I think it looks fantastic. It didn’t take long for us at ARR to realize that it has a lot of design cues in common with the current MV Agusta Brutale, which we doubt is an accident. It’s quite lovely.

So, what do you think?

It’s entertaining, it looks the part, and it comes with everything a new rider needs; yet, unless CFMoto irons out the wrinkles, it appears set to play at the low-cost and cheerful end of the market. It does a good job.

The bike does demonstrate something. To be specific, the Chinese motorbike industry is no longer out of the running. Give them a couple more years, and I’m sure they’ll be right up there with the top runners, which I welcome.

When CFMOTO first debuted the 400 NK to the local market a few years ago, big bike enthusiasts were astounded to find a bike with such a low price tag that also boasted some very outstanding features. Naturally, given the bike’s low price and the historical stigma associated with Chinese-made items, considerable skepticism was cast on this new player in the big bike market.

After a few years, the CFMOTO 400 NK has established itself as one of the most popular entry-level big bikes in the local market. CFMOTO Philippines, distributed by Motostrada, has proven to be capable of competing with more mainstream manufacturers in terms of after-sales support, dependability, and overall quality. Here are a few features that distinguish CFMOTO’s best-selling motorcycle, the 400 NK.

review CFMOTO 400 NK


Big bikes, for the most part, are daunting machines. The thought of having the power of a small automobile between your legs might be quite intimidating. Furthermore, the weight of these bikes makes them much more difficult to maneuver in small locations and heavy traffic. While the CFMOTO 400 NK is very heavy at 206 kgs, it has a very beginner-friendly, tractable engine.

The CFMOTO 400 NK’s engine, which is equipped with a 400.4cc parallel-twin engine, has proven to be quite reliable due to its simple construction and components from recognized OEMs. It has a Bosch electronic fuel injection (EFI) system and produces a respectable 42 horsepower—just enough to be safe for novices while yet having fun on the interstate and twisting routes.

Expressway legality

3 Thigns to love about CFMOTO 400 NK

Perhaps the most compelling selling point of the CFMOTO 400 NK is its absolute highway legality. Some regard riding a motorcycle on the highways to be a status signal in the local market. Others see it as a need. Whatever your motivation for getting on a big bike, the CFMOTO 400 NK offers a compelling case. With a displacement of 400.4cc, there is no question that this bike is highway legal. Furthermore, the extra weight carried by this bike, thanks to its steel perimeter frame, provides a lot of confidence-inspiring steadiness on the highway.

Not expensive!

In terms of total value for money, very few motorcycles, if any, can compete with the CFMOTO 400 NK. For P219,800, you get everything you’d expect from a full-fledged, genuine large bike: a powerful engine, decent suspension, and dependable performance. To top it all off, Motostrada’s excellent after-sales service, parts availability, and friendly employees make owning a CFMOTO a breeze. The 400 NK comes in two colors right now: white and blue. If you want to buy this bike as your first big bike or simply want an economical, ready-to-ride everyday big bike, fill out the form below or visit any of Motostrada’s showrooms.


Take your motorcycle from stock to custom tuning. The EVO-Tech CFMoto 400NK remapping chip improves fuel mileage and increases engine performance by 15% across the RPM range. To calibrate the most precise tunes, this fuel management chip wires into the PCM via engine sensors. A massive amount of potential power is waiting to be unleashed in your CFMoto 400NK. Every Personal Watercraft deserves to be at its peak performance. With the EVO-Tech fuel management chip, you can boost the engine performance potential of your CFMoto 400NK and say goodbye to lean stock programming.

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GPR Cf Moto 400 NK 2021-2022 CF.6.CAT.FUPO

GPR offers a homologated slip-on exhaust system with catalyst for the CF Moto 400 NK 2021-2022 e5. Furore Poppy series silencer, article developed to have a zero impact as pollution during the production process, oval shape diam 120mm, made with carbon look stainless steel body and Avional bottoms obtained by CNC machining Link pipe and catalytic converter for assembly: this kit includes the specific catalyzed fitting and relative kit of brackets and accessories, which allow installation without structural modifications Original GPR products, developed through extensive experience in the World Motorbike Championship, offer an innovative design, increased performance, significant weight savings, and improved motorbike sound tone. Made in Italy, with a 2-year international warranty.

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SHAD excels at innovation in motorcycle storage, as evidenced by the new PIN system fitting kits.

The fitting kit is made up of a set of pins that replace three or four of the bolts that surround the fuel cap.

The tank bag of your choice is then connected to a metal plate, and the entire system can be slid on and off the pins at will.

The tank bag never comes into contact with the tank, ensuring that there are no scratches, rubbing, or abrasions.

This is only a fitting kit. To complete the set (at an additional cost), there are three compatible tank bags:

E-04P (3 litre tank bag)
E-10P (5 litre tank bag)
E-16P (10-15 litre expandable tank bag)

Simple and easy to install
Because of the unique ‘floating’ design, there is no risk of tank scratching.
Produced in Barcelona
Manufacturer’s warranty of two years is included.
Complete instructions are included to ensure proper installation.

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CF Moto 400NK (19-22) SHAD Pin System Fitting Kit – SHAD UK

The GIpro X-type G2 model is compatible with all motorcycles, ATVs, cars, and other vehicles that have four, five, or six gear positions. We have a solution for your ride no matter what bike you own. We offer Plug ‘n Go harness kits for hundreds of different bikes to make installation as simple as possible. There is also a universal harness kit available, as well as a kit for older bikes with cable driven speedometers or no speedometer at all, such as off-road motorcycles / dirt bikes. When you place your order, choose the display color as well as the harness kit we recommend for your bike. If your bike is not listed, please contact us for assistance in determining which universal harness kit will work.

Please keep in mind that we do not list the X-type for motorcycles with which the GIpro ATRE or GIpro DS models are compatible. Compatible with ALL HealTech products, with a 2-year warranty.


Fast and Accurate – For added control and safety, an instant and accurate indication of the selected gear (right after the clutch is released) is provided. Depending on the shift speed and signal conditions, the sampling period can be adjusted to make the response faster or slower.
Auto learning function – The unit automatically learns the gear positions; simply activate the learning function from the menu.
Touch Control – Because all settings are done via the touch sensor, the housing has no openings and is completely sealed and encapsulated in epoxy. The touch sensitive area is located on the TOP of the device. However, once programmed, the unit can be mounted with the top side stuck to the dashboard (via the supplied sticky pads) and still function properly. It is also compatible with the optional GIpro Mount.
There are no buttons or “programming wires” to deal with during installation. The machine is completely automated. Connect one connector and use the supplied wire-tap quick connectors to tap into one or two wires. On most motorcycles, all connections are made beneath the fuel tank – it doesn’t get any easier than this.
Display that is both bright and effective – An extra bright LED display housed in a small box. There are five different color options.
Auto Brightness Control – The display’s brightness is automatically adjusted based on the intensity of the ambient light. The sensor’s sensitivity can be adjusted in the menu.
High speed warning and shift light function – You can set the unit to warn you if the set road speed and/or set engine speed are exceeded.
Compatibility – All HealTech and most aftermarket products, including quick shifters, are compatible.
Red, Blue, Green, White, and Yellow are the display colors available. (A red display is standard and will be shipped if no other color is requested.)

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2020 CF-Moto 400 NK Healtech GIpro X-Type Series G2 Gear Indicator | eBay


Brake feel, ABS response and emergency brake response
brakes 60%
driving experience for short and long trips
driving 64%
Seat comfort, driving position and rider ergonomics
comfort 67%
design and appearance compared to similar models
design 81%
price as new (or used) compared to similiar models
price 40%
Engine responsiveness, feel of acceleration and power
engine 54%


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