Engine and transmission

Displacement1330.0 ccm (81.16 cubic inches)
Engine typeIn-line three, four-stroke
Engine detailsRotax® 1330 ACE engine
Power115.0 HP (83.9 kW)) @ 7250 RPM
Torque130.0 Nm (13.3 kgf-m or 95.9 ft.lbs) @ 5000 RPM
Bore x stroke84.0 x 80.0 mm (3.3 x 3.1 inches)
Valves per cylinder4
Fuel systemInjection. Multi-point EFI
Fuel controlDouble Overhead Cams/Twin Cam (DOHC)
Cooling systemLiquid
Transmission typeBelt   (final drive)
ClutchWet, multi-plate
Exhaust systemExhaust system 2-into-1

Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels

Front suspensionDouble A-Arm with anti-roll bar.
Front wheel travel130 mm (5.1 inches)
Rear suspensionSwing arm with monoshock.
Rear wheel travel132 mm (5.2 inches)
Front tire165/65-R15
Rear tire225/50-R15
Front brakesDouble disc. Brembo
Diameter270 mm (10.6 inches)
Rear brakesSingle disc. Brembo
Diameter270 mm (10.6 inches)
WheelsMetallic silver


Physical measures and capacities

Dry weight386.0 kg (851.0 pounds)
Power/weight ratio0.2979 HP/kg
Seat height737 mm (29.0 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.
Overall height1099 mm (43.3 inches)
Overall length2642 mm (104.0 inches)
Overall width1497 mm (58.9 inches)
Ground clearance115 mm (4.5 inches)
Wheelbase1709 mm (67.3 inches)
Fuel capacity27.00 litres (7.13 US gallons)
Reserve fuel capacity4.50 litres (1.19 US gallons)
Oil capacity3.90 litres (4.12 US quarts)

Other specs

Color optionsBlack
Light2 halogen headlamps (55/60-W)
Factory warranty2-year BRP Limited Warranty with 2-year roadside assistance
CommentsThree wheel bike.


Engine idle speed:
900 U/MIN
Tyre pressure (front):
1,0 BAR
Tyre pressure (rear):
1,9 BAR
Spark plug 1:
Electrode gap:
0,7-0,8 MM
Front/rear sprockets:
28/89 TOOTH


Engine oil w/o filter:
SAE 5W-40
Engine oil with filter:
Brake fluid:
26,0 LITER
3,75 LITER
*Always verify maintenance and service data with the bike owner’s manual.

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Private Price Guide
$6,900 – $11,900
Price as new


CAN AM SPYDER F3 – A different kind of motorcycle?

It required guts to bring the Spyder  from concept to reality. And, while BRP clearly believed in a —still contentious today — “motorcycle for the public,” no one could have foretold the venture’s fate. It was a toss-up between the Spyder creating a new section and flying on its own and BRP killing it and moving on.

The CEO of the Valcourt, Québec-based company, José Boisjoli, demonstrated his willingness to axe an underperforming product line by axing BRP’s entire powerboat business—not because it wasn’t profitable, but because significant growth was nowhere to be found in his crystal ball. The fact that the Spyders are entering their ninth manufacturing year in 2015 must imply that they are reaching Boisjoli’s expectations, right? Evidently not.

A motorcycle or a trike?

The problem, if you can call it that, is that Spyders aren’t selling as well as they used to. In Canada, for example, and notably in Québec, where they are manufactured, sales have exceeded those of other motorcycle manufacturers, an even more astounding accomplishment given that BRP’s range consists of only three models: the RS, ST, and RT. But as you cross the border into the United States, things don’t look so good. Again, it’s not that Spyders aren’t selling well, but something appears to be lacking, causing them to underperform on their own soil.

It didn’t take much investigation to “learn” that Americans enjoy cruisers. Was this the missing piece? Was a chromed-up, ape-hangered, highway-pegged, round-fendered, sissy-barred Spyder the solution? Exploratory drawings were created, with predictable outcomes.

“No way would BRP ever contemplate a Harley-Davidson-inspired Spyder,” says Denis Lapointe, the Valcourt brand’s chief of design. “That isn’t us. We do things in our own unique manner. We don’t imitate.”

And it was at this moment that the concept that would become the 2015 Spyder F3 became truly intriguing: if not a “classically cruiserized” Spyder, then what?

Lapointe and his colleagues began questioning cruiser riders. While what they liked and disliked about current Spyders was certainly part of the interrogation, the questions became considerably more in-depth. BRP was curious if the feet-forward riding posture that cruiser owners were accustomed to and preferred was inextricably related to traditional cruiser appearance. Surprisingly, the response was no. Respondents stated that appearance and position were not always inextricably linked. That response offered Lapointe the latitude to create something un-Harley-like, while also addressing one of the most common criticisms about Spyder styling: it was too plasticky.


The fancy design?

As a result, the F3 represents the Spyder line’s most significant stylistic leap. Until now, the sporty-ish RS, sport-touring ST, and luxury-touring RT have all been made to appear as approachable and unintimidating as possible. The Spyder F3 is unusual, even surprising. It not only appears to be more aggressive than the other Spyders, but it also appears to want to make a statement about it, as if it’s insisting on being a different sort of Spyder.

Denis Lapointe provided the worldwide press gathering in Valcourt a unique insight inside the development process by describing how this specific design was created. The amount of sketches we saw, as well as their uniqueness, were both astounding. We’re accustomed to seeing very futuristic concepts as motorcycle riders, but with so much more surface area to work with and limitless creative freedom, BRP’s designers came up with some quite interesting stuff.


Finally, the F3 direction was picked for its combination of “animal-like expressiveness, Ironman influence, and Hugh Jackman type of confidence and sincerity.”

When a motorbike journalist questioned what animal, Lapointe paused and politely emphasized that the animal metaphor was figurative rather than literal.

In person, the F3 is everything but drowsy. The style is so bold that it will almost certainly be divisive. It’s not difficult to picture an RT owner simply not getting it. Which is OK because he already has an RT to like. The F3 is aimed at the other end of the attitude scale. It’s not meant to be conservative and appeal to conservative minds, but rather to push the envelope and appeal to far more daring tastes. Combining a cruiser-like riding posture with such a powerful aesthetic statement into the still-controversial Spyder chassis leads BRP into yet another new territory.


Despite all of the cruiser discussion surrounding the F3, while on the road, the vehicle has little links to the cruiser world. In fact, the F3 is unquestionably the sportiest Spyder, far outperforming even the RS.

Sure, the rider sits low with his feet front, which is typical of a cruiser. The small outward orientation of the front footpegs creates a triangle that allows the rider to practically lock himself in place by just pulling on the pegs, which alters the entire game.

Consider riding in a moving bus with both feet under you rather than spreading them out. The slightest shift in direction pushes you sideways, causing you to grip anything to keep from falling, whereas spreading your feet helps you to counteract the centrifugal force. The impact on the F3 is same.

Even with minor cornering on any other Spyder, the rider must hold on with his upper body to counteract that force. His legs, which are directly beneath him, are of little assistance. The strength required to hang on plainly grows in direct proportion to corner speed. Arms, shoulders, and torso must all be used at the same time to steer the “normal” Spyders.

Because his legs clamp the rider in place during cornering—something they accomplish with far less effort than the upper body at equivalent speed, by the way—his arms, shoulders, and torso are left with the sole chore of steering on the Spyder F3. This, once again, alters everything.



It’s difficult to tell if this “leg triangulation” and all the benefits it offers were planned from the start, but I’d lean toward the happy accident idea. In any case, not only can you approach a turn on an F3 with far more confidence than on any of the other Spyders, but you can also do it with far greater accuracy, due to the upper body just having to cope with steering inputs. The final result is a Spyder that is just more enjoyable to ride on a curvy road and the first one that doesn’t seem like its rider is always battling with in turns. Furthermore, exactly putting it in the centre of the lane is now delightfully simple.

Spyders have very little area to play with before one of the front wheels steps out of the lane, making them difficult to ride with accuracy in a sequence of curves, especially at a faster speed. On the F3, though, this is achieved with a smile rather than tension.


The F3’s ability to absorb bumps is one of the pleasant discoveries for its rider (and passenger). It’s common knowledge that a rider cruising on a motorcycle with his feet front exposes his spine to danger on slick pavement. I should know, because I reside in Québec, which has some of the worst roads in the civilized world. So, in terms of suspension performance, saying that the F3 provides not just exceptional, but superb comfort in that setting is as nice as it gets. The large, generously cushioned seat is likewise quite comfy. Although additional windscreens are available, the original Spyder F3 lacks wind protection. Heated grips are also not included in the standard equipment list. They would have been very appreciated in the cool autumn conditions we rode in during the F3’s two-day product introduction. Both the $21,799 basic model and the $23,299 S-version with enhanced trim and cruise control come standard with a six-speed manual transmission and an optional, $1,600 six-speed semi-automatic transmission.

can am spyder f3 2016


Another pleasant surprise was the 1330cc inline-triple that debuted on the RT in 2014. It hasn’t been altered internally and is rated at 115 horsepower and 96 ft/lb torque, but it feels considerably more lively than the RT. The F3 is no slouch in a straight line, thanks to 73 kg (162 lb.) less to push about and shorter gearing from a rear sprocket that is literally as big as the rear wheel. Of course, it’s not a ‘busa killer, but is it fun? Sure. Part of the enjoyment stems from the high torque triple’s reasonable forward acceleration, part from the beautifully musical intake growl that engulfs the rider every time the throttle is generously opened, and part from the F3’s electronic nanny’s far more indulgent disposition.

ABS, traction control, and stability control are all still present, but they allow for a lot more enjoyment in this instance. During the media event, Can-Am employees encouraged a little bit of recklessness, an almost full shift in attitude.

Everyone’s first flight on the F3 was on the tarmac of a little airstrip in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, where we had just landed in three private Lear Jets. Straight-line acceleration testing swiftly devolved into a “longest black mark contest,” with all of the gathering journalists trying to outdo one another, all under the watchful eye of BRP top brass.

The computer will enable the rear tire to spin freely as long as the F3 is traveling straight. I was even able to spin it in second gear on chilly pavement by dropping the clutch at around 40 kmh.

Hello, we have a cool surprise for you…

The “secret” burnout mode of the auto version is the frosting on the cake. Engineers who requested anonymity revealed the trick: if the throttle is opened 100% and the unique brake pedal is pushed 100%, the computer will recognize the intent and release brake pressure on the rear caliper, allowing the rear wheel to spin while the F3 is immobilized—or, in plain English, do a burnout. Of course, I wasn’t about to accept their word for it. Yes, it does.

Can-Am Spyder F3 2016 specs


It’s anyone’s guess how well the Spyder F3 will sell. Will it be the model that successfully enters the American market? Will its animalistic, VMAX, and muscle car styling be a hit? If the answer is yes, who is it with? Who can say? What is clear is that it performs what it is supposed to do quite effectively. It, like the other Spyders, is a very well-engineered replacement for a motorbike geared towards folks who aren’t comfortable on two wheels for whatever reason. But it does it differently, with a dose of fun and attitude that you won’t find on any other Can-Am three-wheeler.


Front Fender Reflectors with Sequential LED Turn Signals & Running Lights for the Can-Am Spyder F3 & RT (2019+)

Our SpyderFenderz for the 2013-18 Spyder line-up is one of the most popular Can-Am Spyder lighting upgrades we sell. This device turns your boring OE Reflectors to led reflectors with built-in sequential running light and turn signal functions. Can-Am updated the front fenders for both the F3 and RT lineups in the 2019 model year, as you may know.

So we’ve teamed up with TricLED to provide you the popular SpyderFenderz for all 2019 and newer F3 & RT models. This package includes DOT Style reflectors, which allow your beloved Spyder to be seen at night when parked in unlit areas even when the ignition is turned off. When you switch on the ignition, you’ll see the vivid LED illumination of both the amber and red running lights.

These front fender lights are more than simply running lights; they also have integrated “sequence” led turn signal capability, as opposed to just a regular blinker. The sequential style LEDs not only look great, but they also improve your vision when driving at night or during the day.

Get them here:

Can-Am Spyder F3 & RT Front Fender Sequential LED Turn Signals & Running Lights (2019+) (slingmods.com)

Pedal Commander Plug N Play Throttle Response Controller for the Can-Am Spyder F3 (All Years) & RT (2014+) - 1330cc Engines

We were extremely excited when the opportunity to collaborate with Pedal Commander to integrate a Bluetooth enabled, Plug N Play Throttle Response Controller for the Can-Am Spyder presented itself, as the Pedal Commander we launched for the Polaris Slingshot and Can-Am Ryker have become some of the most sought after, highest reviewed products we sell.

The consequences are actually “mind changing,” as this throttle response controller increases the fun of riding your Spyder by providing you push button control over how fast the throttle responds to power. It brings the Spyder to life and transforms it into an absolute beast out of corners, with quick throttle response when you need it the most.

So, what precisely does it do?

Because the Spyder is a “drive by wire” system, the signal from the throttle to the ECU is electrical; the Pedal Commander merely intercepts that signal with a 100% plug and play harness and allows you to modify the sensitivity of your throttle with the push of a button. Normally, while riding your Spyder at high speeds, you’d have to twist your throttle “all the way back” to get the full power of the engine… but now you can compress that throttle map into the smallest amount of wrist action or anything in between, allowing you to fine tune your throttle to deliver power when and where you want it!

Get it here:

Pedal Commander for the Can-Am Spyder (slingmods.com)

MadStad Adjustable Windshield for the Can-Am Spyder F3 / F3S

Spyder riders may modify the height and angle of their Spyder F3 / F3S windshield using the MadStad unique mounting system, resulting in far smoother airflow, better wind protection, and a more comfortable ride than any fixed windshield can provide. The base plate assembly is attached to the metal framework of the Spyder immediately before of the instrument cluster. The shield is attached to the adjustable brackets, which are attached to the base.

With the shield removed from the bike, you may fine-tune its height, angle, and airflow. The mechanism allows you to adjust the adjustable shield to your preferred position while allowing airflow beneath the shield to prevent buffeting for comfortable wind protection.

Get it here:

Can-Am Spyder F3 / F3S Tinted & Clear Adjustable Windshields – MadStad (slingmods.com)

Adjustable Padded Driver Backrest with Storage Pouch for the Can-Am Spyder F3

If you intend to spend a significant amount of time riding your Can-Am Spyder, you will most likely require lower back support. This Show Chrome Accessories Quick Detach Backrest Kit is 100% bolt-on and fits all Can-Am Spyder F3 models.

It has a one-of-a-kind slide lock hardware design that allows the backrest pad to attach and detach effortlessly through the seat opening. This backrest has 3″ of horizontal adjustment and 1″ of vertical adjustment to accommodate your chosen riding position. The backrest also has a free “detachable” pouch on the backside for your passenger to put items such as chapstick, sunglasses, and so on.

Get it here:

Can-Am Spyder F3 Adjustable Quick Detach Driver Backrest (slingmods.com)

ISCI Bolt-On Hydraulic Hand Brake System for the Can-Am Spyder

If you’re like us and switched from a regular two-wheel motorbike to the Can-Am Spyder, you might find the lack of a hand brake pretty strange. Perhaps you don’t have full use of your legs and are unable to activate the foot brake on these trikes. We have a solution for you in any case.

We’ve collaborated with ISCI to bring you our hydraulic hand brake system for the Can-Am Spyder GS, RS, F3 & RT models. This handbrake is a hydraulic system that uses a master cylinder and a special slave cylinder to operate with the current brake system, allowing you to brake with either the factory foot pedal or the handbrake. The kit includes all of the hardware required for a successful installation.

Get it here:

Can-Am Spyder Hydraulic Hand Brake by ISCI (slingmods.com)

MotoBatt 12V AGM Battery Upgrade for the Can-Am Spyder

The “Motobatt Battery MBTX24U” is a high-quality replacement for the factory Can-Am Spyder battery, designed for long-term output, high electrical thresholds, and ample capacity to meet the electrical demands of aftermarket modifications. Its high density oxide component assures that its electrical charge will continue to service its owner’s demands with maximum output much into the future. Its heavy-cast positive and negative full frame grids contribute to its high performance amp hour and cranking amps.

Its raw endurance is only equaled by its electrical life. The battery is intended to protect the Spyder against leaks and acid damage caused by lower-quality batteries. It is factory sealed and valve regulated, with over-the-partition straps and welds that reinforce its tough structure while also maintaining its high power output and longevity. It is simple to install and has innovative top, front, and side connection terminals that match the Spyder’s design and increase the battery’s durability. Finally, its multi-sided terminal is great for modders who want to connect additional cables to their battery without using up all of the ports on a single set.

Owners need look no farther for the greatest quality, long-term investment in the Spyder’s power supply. The “Motobatt Battery MBTX24U” is designed to be an all-around better model than stock ones. Its materials and design are both designed to protect the Spyder while while providing optimal electrical performance. It has enormous versatility and is designed primarily to fulfill the needs of modders who want a plethora of aftermarket electrical upgrades. Even drivers who do not wish to modify their Spyder will be delighted with this battery’s capacity to maintain a charge for an extended period of time, as well as its exceptional high output constitution.

Get it here:

Can-Am Spyder AGM Replacement Battery by MotoBatt (slingmods.com)



Nowadays, most vehicles are “Drive-by-Wire” (also known as ECT or ECM), rather than cable driven as in the past (called the Bowden cable). Modern systems are notorious for having considerable signal latency, which is where the PedalBox comes in and unlocks the vehicle’s full potential. What services does the PedalBox provide? The “Throttle Response” curve depicts how quickly an engine responds to the driver pressing the accelerator. Poor responsiveness is obvious, particularly under rapid acceleration.

Get it here:

Throttle pedal tuning CAN-AM SPYDER F3 SPYDER F3 LIMITED 115 HP | +10% Acceleration (pedalbox.com)


With the Smart-Tune-X tuner chip, you may boost the horse power of your Can-Am Spyder F3-S and say goodbye to lean stock programming. Our Can-Am Spyder F3-S remap chip increases power output by 17% over the RPM range while also improving fuel economy. This fuel programmer communicates with the PCM via engine sensors and calibrates the most exact fuel settings. A massive amount of potential horsepower lurks in your power source, waiting to be unleashed with our Smart-Tune-X performance tuner. With the power of Smart ECU tune, you may put an end to the restricted factory settings.

Get it here:

Can-Am Spyder F3-S MAGNUM Smart-Tune-X ATV Fuel Tuner Performance Module (magnumtuning.com)

Can Am Spyder F3 Roadster Replica Graphic Kit Yellow

To add authenticity to your Roadster Can Am Spyder F3, look for the Yamaha design in our REPLICA line.

The graphic kit for the Roadster Can Am Spyder F3 includes the following items: front fender / back fender (for some models) / front panel / side panels / tank / back cover (for some models) / other parts (for some models)

Our Roadster graphic kit is made with a proprietary substance that ensures excellence at all stages:
-Easy installation: When heated, vinyl takes shape and fits on all sharp edges of your Spyder F3. If you make a mistake, the adhesive allows you to readjust it for a few minutes.
-Colors never fade and retain their intensity for an extended period of time.
-Strong opposition to dirt bike limits
-Consistent protection for your vehicles

Clean the plastics on your Can Am Spyder F3 well with K7 cleaning/degreasing product to remove all surface grease.

Get it here:

Can Am Spyder F3 Roadster Replica Graphic Kit Yellow – Kutvek Kit Graphik (kutvek-kitgraphik.com)


Seat comfort, driving position and rider ergonomics
comfort 87%
driving experience for short and long trips
driving 88%
price as new (or used) compared to similiar models
price 83%
Engine responsiveness, feel of acceleration and power
engine 89%
Brake feel, ABS response and emergency brake response
brakes 88%
design and appearance compared to similar models
design 90%


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