Engine and transmission

Displacement1330.0 ccm (81.16 cubic inches)
Engine typeIn-line three, four-stroke
Engine detailsRotax® 1330 ACE engine
Power115.0 HP (83.9 kW)) @ 7250 RPM
Torque130.0 Nm (13.3 kgf-m or 95.9 ft.lbs) @ 5000 RPM
Bore x stroke84.0 x 80.0 mm (3.3 x 3.1 inches)
Valves per cylinder4
Fuel systemInjection. Multi-point EFI
Fuel controlDouble Overhead Cams/Twin Cam (DOHC)
Cooling systemLiquid
Transmission typeBelt   (final drive)
ClutchWet, multi-plate
Exhaust systemExhaust system 2-into-1

Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels

Front suspensionDouble A-Arm with anti-roll bar.
Front wheel travel130 mm (5.1 inches)
Rear suspensionSwing arm with monoshock.
Rear wheel travel132 mm (5.2 inches)
Front tire165/65-R15
Rear tire225/50-R15
Front brakesDouble disc. Brembo
Diameter270 mm (10.6 inches)
Rear brakesSingle disc. Brembo
Diameter270 mm (10.6 inches)
WheelsMetallic silver


Physical measures and capacities

Dry weight386.0 kg (851.0 pounds)
Power/weight ratio0.2979 HP/kg
Seat height737 mm (29.0 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.
Overall height1099 mm (43.3 inches)
Overall length2642 mm (104.0 inches)
Overall width1497 mm (58.9 inches)
Ground clearance115 mm (4.5 inches)
Wheelbase1709 mm (67.3 inches)
Fuel capacity27.00 litres (7.13 US gallons)
Reserve fuel capacity4.50 litres (1.19 US gallons)
Oil capacity3.90 litres (4.12 US quarts)

Other specs

Color optionsBlack
Light2 halogen headlamps (55/60-W)
Factory warranty2-year BRP Limited Warranty with 2-year roadside assistance
CommentsThree wheel bike.


Engine idle speed:
850 ± 50 U/MIN
Tyre pressure (front):
1,6 BAR
Tyre pressure (rear):
1,6 BAR
Spark plug 1:
Electrode gap:
0,7-0,8 MM
Chain/Final drive:


Engine oil w/o filter:
Engine oil with filter:
Gear oil:
500 ML 75W-140
Brake fluid:
Final drive oil:
335 ML 75W-90 GL5
20,0 LITER
CA. 2,45 LITER
*Always verify maintenance and service data with the bike owner’s manual.

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Private Price Guide
$6,900 – $8,900
Price as new


The Ryker Rally – A different, fancy, monster-cycle

Can-Am created the Ryker for everyone, from casual enthusiasts to seasoned veterans. Their whole collection of three-wheelers is designed to attract new riders while also keeping current riders on the road longer than traditional motorbikes.

Since the introduction of the Ryker, they have been actively and purposely changing the face of riding, and they have been enormously successful.

Can-Am even extended an invitation to its detractors in 2020, saying that everyone is welcome. Even if you have no desire to ride on three wheels, I’m sure you’ve yearned for someone in your life to fall in love with riding, even if they have no interest in motorbikes at all.

I recommend that you continue reading. If nothing else, because it is highly user-friendly for novices, the Ryker can open the door to having fun on the open road where a wall previously stood. That is something we can all agree on.

CAN AM RYKER 900 ACE RALLY 2022 specs

Is it really so fun?

For me, one of the most crucial parts of the Ryker is how much less stressful riding is in general.

-Three wheels means no balancing, checking for slick ground where I intend to stop, fighting to put down my kickstand, or reading the road slope to pick which foot to put down (I tippy toe most modern bikes with my 29-inch inseam).
-There’s no clutch, changing, or wondering what gear I’m in with CVT – plus there’s reverse for parking convenience, no pushing or shuffling about on my toes.
-With linked brakes and ABS, I can stop my bike with a single push of my right foot, independent of the road surface, lean angle, or handlebar orientation.

How does it feel?

Beginners should rejoice. It is also relatively simple to learn to ride with only three basic controls: handlebar, throttle, and foot brake. It doesn’t get any easier than this: just roll on the throttle to go and hit the footbrake to stop.

Body posture took some trial and error until I realized that weighing the pegs and leaning into the corners was the correct way to go. Because there is no power steering, the Ryker requires considerable upper body strength, and twisting roads are certainly a workout.

Maintaining a relaxed grip is also important since even a small amount of weight on the handlebars causes the Ryker to react – it is, after all, a control input – and this made things feel a bit chaotic (strictly rider error). I have to tell myself not to press on the handlebars and resist the impulse to countersteer for the first 5 seconds every time I move from a motorbike to the Ryker.

CAN AM RYKER 900 REVIEW - You will love this trike...


The UFit system is one of the Ryker’s most amazing features. The Ryker can be drastically altered in less than a minute, making it easier to get the correct fit than on any other production motorbike, Trike, or Spyder.

-Without the need of any equipment or even a second hand, both foot pegs may be adjusted forward and backward with an astonishing spread of more than nine inches. On the right, the brake pedal moves in tandem with the foot peg, allowing for quick changes.

-The angle of the brake pedal is also simply changeable without the use of equipment to accommodate any riding style or foot size. -I’ve even adjusted the footpeg location and brake lever angle while stopped at a red light.

-The handlebars may be moved nearer or farther from the rider over a 4 inch range, adjusting both the reach and seating position based on the user’s unique measurements and preferences.

-KYB HPG front with preload adjustment / 6.38 in (162 mm)
-KYB HPG 40mm rear shock absorber with remote reservoir, 4-position compression adjustable damping, and preload adjustment / 6.89 in (175 mm)

Every time I go off-road, I alter the footpegs, brake lever angle, handlebars, and rear suspension, so being able to convert back and forth so rapidly, without tools, assistance, or significant strength, is simply amazing.

When it comes to personalizing one’s appearance, the possibilities seem limitless. Can-Am claims there are over 75,000 distinct color combinations and clip-on accessory combinations, so no two Rykers will be the identical.

This year, I’ve changed the color of my Ryker three times, and each change takes around ten minutes. I could almost bear changing the colors every trip because changing the panels is so simple – now I just need a place to store all the extra panels. To test it out for yourself, go to Can-website Am’s and use the build-your-own function.

Does it have enough storage?

A tiny storage compartment at the front of the Ryker has a USB charging plug and is large enough to carry a mobile phone, charging cable, sunglasses, hat, and a wallet or small zipped bag. I find myself wanting for the “frunk” to lock. Separately, an aftermarket locking mechanism can be ordered.

The MAX MOUNT tail piece is included with the Ryker Rally. This fits a variety of Can-AM accessories, which are offered separately. The MAX MOUNT tail is also ready to receive the LinQ rack, which adds even more baggage and storage options. I have yet to try these choices, but my fellow Ryker riders have raved about them.

Instrumentation – Equipment

The Ryker has no key. Just a little fob that snaps into place close to your left knee. This does have the potential for disaster; more than once, I walked away from the Ryker without getting my dongle.

The good news is that the starting method is highly distinctive – think back to early Nintendo’s secret controller routines. Even with the fob in place, if someone wanted to steal the Ryker, they’d need to know the secret handshake or it wouldn’t start.

Once you’ve done it a few times, it becomes second nature and is easy to recall. Start, roll the throttle forward, use the brake, and restart.

The single 4.5-inch display is crisp and simple to read. Unlike some other displays I’ve seen, it’s not blindingly light at night. Optional/changeable information shown includes the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trips, distance to empty, engine lights, fuel gauge, clock, and engine modes.

The buttons on the left allow you to swiftly and simply pick different objects to see and alter riding modes (more on those below).

CAN AM RYKER 900 ACE RALLY 2022 specs

The basic seat is a piece of hard rubber with a high lip at the back, and I couldn’t wait to upgrade to a more comfortable seat. This is one of my few complaints. Although various body types would respond differently to the conventional molded seat, it got unpleasant for me after only a few minutes of riding.

There are various possibilities for upgrading – I tried two different seat upgrades, both of which were well worth the money. Can-seat Am’s (seen below) is what I’m now using, and I adore everything about it, even the high-end aesthetic.

I also decided to upgrade my Ryker’s MAX MOUNT with a passenger seat and footpegs. As a rider with a short inseam, I’ve never been able to take passengers on any of my motorbikes – balancing the bike alone is difficult enough.

I am quite comfortable transporting passengers on the Ryker. For the first time ever, I gave my Mom a ride this summer. The process was simple, smooth, and enjoyable.


There are four riding modes on the Ryker Rally: eco, standard, sport, and rally.

  • Eco performs as predicted, with better throttle response without being slow; ideal for rain, rookie riders, and passengers.
  • Standard is ideal for non-hooligan urban riding, with plenty of power but enough traction control to prevent rolling burnouts and rear wheel drifting through turns.
  • Sport mode is for when you want to experience all of the pleasure I just outlined – traction control is turned off and the torque is turned up to 110%.
  • Rally mode is your greatest buddy for off-road riding, as it disables ABS and traction control.

One thing I like about the Ryker is that it remembers the last mode you used and will restart in that mode automatically (except for Rally mode) (for obvious reasons).

My personal fave is sport mode. I couldn’t stop laughing on every ride. It was difficult not to exaggerate since I knew the electronics had my back and high-siding was not an issue. If you struggle with self-control, this may not be the appropriate vehicle for you. Even at motorway speeds, the amount of torque is ridiculous. This creature constantly wants to leave right now.

CAN AM RYKER 900 ACE RALLY 2022 review

Rally mode provided me with an altogether new set of roads to explore. When I’m riding the Ryker, I’m not worried about crashing my naked sportbike on a dirt/gravel/muddy road. I was astonished at first by how well it works and how simple it is to change the suspension to accommodate the extra bumps (just a twist of a knob).

With only 4.4 inches of ground clearance, the Ryker isn’t built for hardcore off-road adventures, but it handles extremely well on hard-pack dirt and even feels stable and comfortable to ride in gravel and sand. It makes all the difference to be able to go out, let free, and not be afraid of a day-ending lowside. I love taking the Ryker off-road.

The Ryker has a Bosch VSS (vehicle stability system) that combines anti-lock brakes (ABS), traction control, and stability control.

When triggered, the Ryker’s ABS is seamless and feels pretty smooth, which was unusual for me until I was riding fiercely in the mountains. Because of the “stomping on the brake” muscle memory most people have from driving a car, beginners may activate it quickly when startled.

Traction control was primarily active while I was cornering sharply and practicing my race starts after red lights. If you really crank up the throttle in sport mode, you’ll get a nice rear tire screech and spin. Be prepared to let the rear tire slide about as much as you like in Rally mode, which should only be utilized on unpaved riding terrain.

Can-Am Ryker 900 Rally

The stability control…

If you truly goof up, that is, if you push the Ryker past its stability limitations, the stability control will kick in. When I was riding the Tail of the Dragon, I frequently felt the engine “back off” owing to hard riding in sport mode on off-camber turns.

Stability control never pushed me over the yellow line on right-handers, but I’m sure it would if I had accelerated further. The good news is that, owing to this identical technology, the Ryker will not tip over. I know a few pros who tried and failed to get a wheel to rise off the ground.

Needless to say, I don’t advocate utilizing the VSS as a cure-all for bandit riding, but it will protect the Ryker from flipping/tipping in regular on-road situations. There are no guarantees if you chose to take it over any nice dirt jumps (which you should not do).

Does it feel safe?

The Ryker is wider than a motorbike and has running lights strategically positioned on both front wheels, making it easier for other drivers to see from a distance. This was something I noticed firsthand while cycling around town.

People frequently stare simply because they have never seen anything like it. However, the lower ride height makes you less visible to motorists directly behind you, particularly trucks and SUVs, which should be considered.

And, of course, the Ryker, like a motorbike, fits perfectly into conventional blind areas, so there’s no magic cure for visibility other than being attentive and diligent.

With no risk of dropping the Ryker, there’s no need to be concerned about being able to lift up a big motorbike or becoming stuck/crushed below it. You don’t even have to put your foot/feet down when you stop, so there’s no risk of slipping, and there’s also no risk of having your laces or slacks caught on a footpeg and tipping over.

If you stop the engine without first applying the parking brake, the Ryker will alert you with multiple loud beeps. It also beeps when you put it in reverse for the first time. This is vexing for me. Others may find it useful as a reminder. To everyone his or her own.

Can-Am Ryker 900 Rally 2019

Is it somehow secured?

When it comes to lifting, the Ryker is large – 627 lbs dry – and has a low center of gravity. It cannot be lifted and transported, and moving it onto a trailer or vehicle without power is far more difficult than with a motorbike.

The key fob I described before employs BRP’s digitally encoded security system (D.E.S.S. ), and without it, the Ryker would not start and cannot be readily hotwired. They also lack universal parts that may be utilized on a wide range of different vehicles.

With these factors in mind, the Ryker is less likely to be stolen and more difficult to steal, however it is not uncommon for one to go missing. Mine is kept in the garage. To make it even more difficult to steal, a parking brake lock or rotor lock may be obtained.

What about the maintenance?

The Ryker is powered by a final shaft drive. This implies that the Ryker’s powertrain requires minimal maintenance and requires no mechanical knowledge. I won’t have to worry about cleaning and lubricating a chain, inspecting a belt, or making any modifications on my own. It also means I can keep riding on the gravel and mud without incident.

Oil changes for the Ryker may be done at home, and if you need assistance, YouTube has the solution. All other planned maintenance I simply take to a dealer. The standard prices and maintenance schedule are comparable to those of most current sport bikes – not cheap, but infrequent enough to be economical.

The computer is also meant to learn about a rider’s riding style with each incremental mile, and it can even analyze damage. My Ryker informed me when it was due for maintenance, which is something that generally only more costly motorcycles do. Another way the Ryker makes life easier and more enjoyable.


pedalbox can am ryker

Nowadays, most vehicles are “Drive-by-Wire” (also known as ECT or ECM), rather than cable driven as in the past (called the Bowden cable). Modern systems are notorious for having excessive signal delay, which is where the PedalBox comes in and unlocks the vehicle’s full potential. What services does the PedalBox provide? The “Throttle Response” curve depicts how quickly an engine responds to the driver pressing the accelerator. Poor response is obvious, particularly under hard acceleration.

Get it here:

PedalBox® CAN-AM® RYKER 900 83 HP (PB-10724701) – Lamonster Garage®

can am ryker audio system

Our integrated premium Audio System powered by MTX® audio provides you with the optimal listening angle. Even with your helmet and visor on, you can hear your favorite music up to 90 km/h with this high-performance audio system. All that remains is for you to enjoy the ride.


MTX® Audio-powered plug-and-play audio system.
Bluetooth technology.
It’s a simple pairing.
There are two speakers and four tweeters.
Output of 110 decibels.
50 watts RMS
Peak power of 130 watts.
Windshield that works with the audio system (not included).
It includes a bracket for mounting a windshield on top of your audio system.
Simple installation on the handlebars for improved integration.

Get it here:

Can Am® Ryker MTX® Audio System (BRP-219401033) – Lamonster Garage®

alluminium sway bars can am

These are a fantastic addition to any ride!

Replace the stock plastic sway bar links on your Ryker with these Lamonster® billet links to improve handling.

Get it here:

Lamonster® Billet Aluminum Sway Bar End Links for the Can Am® Ryker (LG-4106) (lamonstergarage.com)


If you live and work at full throttle, our simple-to-install Power Vision fuel tuner is for you. Power Vision 3 clears the clutter and gives you complete control over your bike’s performance, allowing you to flash your ECU while on the road. Power Vision 3 can stay on after you tune to provide a vital full-color instrument panel that will give you the advantage you deserve.

We’ve increased the standard for what you should expect from a gasoline tuner. Power Vision’s simple, no-nonsense interface puts performance at your fingertips, allowing you to select from our enormous library of pre-tested tunes or create your own. The Power Vision fuel tuner optimizes the air/fuel ratio by directly updating the tables within the ECU, keeping you in sync and in control. When you return to the garage, you can plainly view your performance data using our Power Core program to help you enhance your ride. The Power Vision device can retain many tunes at the same time, allowing you to tailor your ride for power, speed, or fuel efficiency. After flashing your ECU, you can either unplug the device or use Power Vision as an extra instrument panel. Power Vision connects quickly through OEM-style connectors, so installation won’t take long.

Get it here:

POWER VISION 3 FOR CAN AM RYKER (PC-PV3-25-11) (lamonstergarage.com)

Can Am Ryker Ultimate Suspension Package with BajaRon Sway Bar (Stage 3 Front / Stage 4 Rear) (ELKA-70052-70048-4040)

The new Can-Am Ryker is finally out, and Elka Suspension is happy to be one of the first aftermarket firms to support it!

The Ryker, like its sibling the Spyder, lacks shock performance for superb comfort and accurate handling. With our years of experience developing Spyder shocks, we were anxious to get our hands on this new vehicle to see how much of an improvement we could deliver.

The Stage 3 model is directly developed from our top-tier Stage 5 model, with which it shares the majority of its components. It has a single exterior compression adjustment knob that controls the low-speed compression damping and an internal high-speed blow-off circuit that relieves peak pressure upon impacts to provide you with a comfortable and safe ride in a more accessible and easier to modify package. Because this product allows you to alter essential parts of the suspension, it may require some testing and fine-tuning to get peak performance. Responsibility comes with adaptability!

Get the suspension here:

Can Am Ryker Ultimate Suspension Package with BajaRon Sway Bar (Stage 3 Front / Stage 4 Rear) – Elka® – BajaRon (lamonstergarage.com)

Since the Ryker’s inception, the handlebars have shaken when riding on difficult roads. The sensation of instability can be disturbing, leading some riders to abandon their passion for riding entirely due to safety concerns.

As an engineer in the automotive business with a background in aerospace, I wanted to offer a product for this fantastic bike and create a solution that works.

Attempts at solutions that did not work or did not function well:

1. Are the rod ends adjustable? … Understanding the science of suspension dynamics and application provided no significant benefit to our Rykers.

2. Swaybar upgrade? Did stiffen the ride, reducing ride comfort and making no discernible difference in handlebar shaking.

The Answer:

A bracket kit for installing a linear steering stabilizer or damper on a Ryker. The distinction is like night and day. The Ryker is smooth and responsive, providing the driver with confidence when riding. This is time-tested technology that has been used in MotoGP, Motocross, and other motorsports for many years.

Get the kit here:

(Sold Out) Turbo Ryker Steering Stabilizer / Damper Bracket Kit with O – www.rykermod.com

Can Am Ryker 900 Sport Roadster Zeus Graphic Kit Turquoise

Discover our Zeus collection for your Roadster Can Am Ryker 900 Sport to add authenticity to your automobile.

The graphic kit for the Roadster Can Am Ryker 900 Sport contains the following items:
Front fender / Rear fender (for some models) / Front panel / Side Panels / Tank / Rear cover (for some models) / Other parts (for some models)

Our Roadster graphic kit is made with a proprietary substance that ensures excellence at all stages:
-Easy installation: When heated, vinyl takes shape and fits on all sharp edges of your Ryker 900 Sport. If you make a mistake, the adhesive allows you to readjust it for a few minutes.
-Colors never fade and retain their intensity for an extended period of time.
-Strong opposition to dirt bike limits
-Consistent protection for your vehicles

Clean the plastics on your Can Am Ryker 900 Sport thoroughly. We recommend using K7 cleaning/degreasing agent to remove all surface grease.

Get the kit here:

Can Am Ryker 900 Sport Roadster Zeus Graphic Kit Turquoise – Kutvek Kit Graphik (kutvek-kitgraphik.com)


We are very excited to introduce our brand new Ryker 900 bolt-on turbo kit. We bring over ten years of turbocharging experience to this kit, and we firmly feel it is the best modification someone can make to their Ryker if they want the highest performance possible.
This will transform your basic Ryker into something that is only limited by the amount of traction on the wheels. The sound and performance are both fantastic.

Get it here:

BRP Ryker 900 Turbo Kit – Silber Turbo (silberturbos.com)

With the Smart-Tune-X remapper chip, you can boost your Can-Am Ryker 900 ACE’s horse power and say goodbye to lean factory programming. Our Can-Am Ryker 900 ACE remapper chip will boost performance by 17% over the RPM range while also improving economy. This fuel injection remap connects to the engine management via engine sensors and calibrates the most exact fuel tune. A massive amount of potential horsepower lurks in your power source, waiting to be unlocked with our Smart-Tune-X fuel programmer. With the power of Smart ECU tune, you may put an end to the restricted factory settings.

Get it here:

Can-Am Ryker 900 ACE MAGNUM Smart-Tune-X ATV Fuel Tuner Performance Module (magnumtuning.com)


driving experience for short and long trips
driving 88%
price as new (or used) compared to similiar models
price 75%
Seat comfort, driving position and rider ergonomics
comfort 83%
design and appearance compared to similar models
design 87%
Engine responsiveness, feel of acceleration and power
engine 85%
Brake feel, ABS response and emergency brake response
brakes 80%


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