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Moto Morini is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1937 in Bologna by Alfonso Morini.

Morini previously co-produced motorcycles with Mario Mazzetti under the brand MM. Moto Morini was acquired by Cagiva in 1987, then by Texas Pacific Group, which also owned Ducati, in 1996, and in April 1999, the rights to the name were purchased by Morini Franco Motori spa, a company founded in 1954 by Morini’s nephew. After producing large v-twin motorcycles in the early twenty-first century, the company went bankrupt in late 2010. Moto Morini began producing motorcycles again in 2012.
On January 22, 1898, Alfonso Morini was born. He began repairing motorcycles before the age of sixteen and opened a workshop at the age of sixteen. This was just prior to the outbreak of World War I. During the war, he served with the 8th Motorcycles Unit, which was based in Padova.

Moto Morini Story
In 1925, Mario Mazzetti, impressed by Alfonso’s work, commissioned him to design, construct, and race a single-cylinder 120 cc two-stroke racing bike. They were successful racers under the MM name, and Alfonso’s crowning achievement came in 1927, when his MM 125 set six world records during the Grand Prix of Nations at Monza. (These records were not broken for another twenty years.) In 1933, he set a new world speed record of 162 km/h for 175 cc motorcycles.